European iPhone

With the iPhone being well on its way for the official release in the States on the 29th of June, us Europeans are starting to wonder whether we’ll ever get our hands on this heavily hyped gadget.Apparently, Apple hasn’t quite established the necessary partnerships with mobile telecom corporations in Europe. These are needed (or wanted) to carry the iPhone over our networks. While this looks easy enough, Apple seems to be nit-picky and is probably setting high demands (US-comparable?), in search of an overseas AT&T.

Unlike in America, most European countries don’t allow cellphones to be eternally tied to just one network. Most states only allow this to happen temporarily, after which an unlock must be provided. In Belgium, for instance, this is completely illegal, which makes me think it’ll probably take even longer for the iPhone to arrive.

Since Apple really needs a dedicated carrier in the US, it’s unlikely we’ll see it before a deal has been signed. Nokia pretty much own the the smart-phone industry on the continent and would kill the iPhone hands down.

Seemingly, there’s a pretty high demand for the iPhone in Europe. Some statistics show that no less than 7 million UK-residents rate their interest-level as “strong”.

On the flip-side,  we may question ourselves if this hype is justified, before hasting out and making impulsive purchases…


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