Australia may ban plasma & LCD over energy concern

I’m all for saving the environment and everything, and banning the incandescent bulb, but banning the future of television is going a bit too far. Sure, there are major issues with big screens, but these issues are also relevant for other appliances. We wouldn’t want to be banning everything that exceeds a certain level, would we? The only thing the government should be doing is rewarding consumers for making the right choice in any which form (ie. tax cuts?), instead of taking away the thing that makes technology innovative: diversity and competition. Choice is the way to go, not prohibition.

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Australian politicians are clearly concerned about energy consumption. Earlier this year, they were among the first to look to ban the incandescent bulb in favor of fluorescent bulbs. Now it looks like they’re getting ready to take on televisions. New regulations may end up effectively banning both plasma and LCD TV screens as energy hogs

We all know that these big screen TVs are the SUVs of the electricity world, but does that really mean they should be banned completely? There are definitely efforts under way to make the systems more energy efficient, and many buyers are certainly aware of these issues (or they are as soon as they get their electricity bills).

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