Games for Windows LIVE

I’ve always thought this to be an extremely interesting feature, the ability to interchange online gaming experiences between Windows games and the console based games for the XBOX 360 (provided you’ve got a Gold subscription). More concretely, one can play online regardless of the platform. The current games supporting this is surprisingly small, though, which pretty much nullifies the effect. I’d expected a more spectacular launch/marketing of this (actually) killer-feature for both Vista and XBOX360. Pity.

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As you know, several games have launched under Games for Windows – LIVE that allow PC Games to tap into Xbox Live.

Major Nelson highlights several changes coming with the 1.2 release:

  • Support for offline Achievements (so you can add to your gamerscore when not connected to the internet).
  • Ability to see if your friends are “joinable” in games.
  • Additional UI features.

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