Yet another lawsuit for TorrentSpy

TorrentSpy is being sued again. This time because they refuse to spy on their users and break their own privacy policy in the meantime. It’s starting to look like the MPAA just needs a black sheep for more lawsuits! As Leo Laporte jokingly commented during a previous airing of one of his podcasts: “Why sell songs/anything at all? Just give it away and sue the people over them”. What a thought, it must be taking off too.

TS has been in legal entanglements with the MPAA in the past and it doesn’t seem to be seizing any time soon. Earlier this year, the MPAA went after them because they allegedly provide illegal services to people in search of malicious torrents. TorrentSpy isn’t actually hosting any illegal files, as everyone knows. In response, access from US-based users to the site was blocked.

Yet, the MPAA will try to lift the aforementioned and force TorrentSpy to ‘spy’ (good choice of words, indeed) on its users. This, to me, is utter idiocracy and above all pretty hilarious. The crew at TS must think so too, I gather.


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