Parodies on Ubuntu forks

The ever growing list of Linux distributions is staggering, if not ridiculous. More and more distros are also based off OTHER distros. Linux has always been blamed for not being particularly original, if you haven’t found out why this is so, I recommend you to Google for “linux” or just throw a quick glance at the list below. Some of the following parodies are pretty funny too.

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  • Fugubuntu = Linux for Poisonous (Yet Tasty) Fish
  • Stewbuntu = Edible Linux Compiled with Gigantic Meat Chunks
  • Eschewbuntu = Linux Designed to be Tossed Aside
  • Flubuntu = Linux for Sick People
  • Shoebuntu = Linux My Wife Keeps Buying More Of (Even Though She Has A Million Other Shoebuntus)
  • Moobuntu = Linux for the Lactose Tolerant
  • Gluebuntu = Sticky Linux
  • Woohoobuntu = Linux Designed by Homer Simpson
  • Tutubuntu = Linux Optimized for Pirouettes
  • Lieubuntu = Linux Alternative to Linux
  • Shmoobuntu = Fictional Linux
  • Ewwwwbuntu = Linux Built on Open Sores
  • Cluebuntu = Linux that Did it In the Conservatory with the Wrench
  • Ruebuntu = Despicable Linux
  • Suebuntu = [Distribution Removed Due to SCO Copyright Violation]
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