Another move into retail, Dell

Dell gear is sturdy stuff, but as of late, the online sales model has become the culprit of Dell’s previous success. It is indeed so that consumers like to see and feel their investment, prior to definitively leaping into a sale, so it’s no more than logical to move to retail again. Ordering online has its benefits, but lagging deliveries have had to tendency overshadow.

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Dell has reached a deal with the office supply chain Staples to offer Dell desktop and notebook computers, monitors, printers, ink, and toner.

Staples will begin selling Dell products both in its physical stores and online at

The move by Dell marks another major shift into retail for the computer company

When the Internet took off, Dell moved to a primarily web-based sales model.

In 1999, Dell finally overtook longtime rival Compaq to become the largest seller of personal computers in the United States.

the shift in consumer preferences towards laptops has resulted in a greater consumer preference for seeing and using the product before purchasing it.

Dell’s growth fell behind competitors like HP and Gateway

Dell then fell from the top spot to the #2 PC manufacturer, behind HP.

CEO Michael Dell promised “quite aggressive” moves into retail earlier this year, and Dell has already begun selling PCs in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

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