Superspeed Wi-Fi vs. Health Risks

A while ago, in a local magazine, I read an article on the possible health-risks Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies (like cellulars) could inflict. It wasn’t very scientific, but it did point out that current wireless networking technologies emit up to three times the radiation of regular cellphones. Due to the young lifetime of Wi-Fi, the article implied it was impossible to predict the effects of it on the human body. Symptoms have been reported and vary from mild head aches to serious afflictions like brain tumors and other permanent damage. None of the aforementioned have been actually proven, though, since sensitivity to these symptoms greatly vary from person to person.

It’s certainly something to think about when (greatly applauded) innovations pop up, like the following, as reported on CNET. It’s very enticing to buy into even better wireless technologies, but who’s to say this stuff is safe…

Has anyone encountered rock solid proof yet?

clipped from

Radio scientists at IBM Research and MediaTek are teaming up to develop a wireless transmission protocol that will deliver files more than 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

The idea is to take advantage of the 60GHz spectrum

These chips will be able to transfer files at around 2.5 gigabits per second, compared with the 11 to 54 megabits of Wi-Fi.

these chips could transfer a 10 gigabyte file wirelessly in five seconds or so, something that would take several minutes on a Wi-Fi network.

the WirelessHD consortium, has been showing off 60GHz chips in TVs and will make a big push for them at CES.

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