Biased OS X Leopard review

This morning, as I peeked onto the Digg Homepage, I noticed a post to‘s review of OS X Leopard. At first, I wasn’t tempted to actually read the article. This feeling was mainly caused by the barren quality of comments (one would have to be a heretic Apple devotee to risk stating an opinion in there), but after some thoughtful seconds, I dove into it anyway.
Apart from the fact that the write-up is preceded by a “Buy here”-box, it’s a biased review and pretty Apple-centric. It just contains too many superlatives to be objectively credible.

Besides, why isn’t anyone bashing Apple for delivering their OS late, integrating too much eye candy, leaving the “secret feature” out (not sure there ever was one) and releasing a product in beta-like state. No-one? Y’all blamed Microsoft for the same things, didn’t you..?

The bottom line is Leopard isn’t good enough for any habituous Windows user to make the switch. If anything, the sleek looking hardware would be the only thing that could convince me. OS X is solid, but so is Vista. Do the math:

1 billion Windows users vs. 25 million Mac users

To me the 4.5 rating is ‘over-rated’.



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