Eee PC: small thing

Eee PC

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the Eee PC is on the surface intended for children, but has plenty to keep the attention of adults too.

The Eee PC is similar in idea to the XO from the One Laptop Per Child initiative and Intel’s Classmate PC. But unlike the former two, the primary audience for the Eee is not children in developing nations. Instead, it’s intended as a device for the general public.

It looks like a laptop, and mostly acts like one, but Eee PC product manager Donald Leung goes out of his way to say that the tiny device is not that.

“We want to emphasize that it’s not a laptop,” Leung said. “We’d rather call it a ‘super mobile Internet device.'”

Besides its low-power Intel mobile processor, it has 512MB of memory, a 4GB flash drive, built-in Wi-Fi, and standard USB and monitor ports

Color choices include black, white, and three pastels: pink, green, and blue.

Next month it will be sold on and for $399.

The kid-friendly computer runs Linux

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