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“Artists and developers participated in a desktop theming specification meeting at the Ubuntu Developer Summit earlier this week. During the meeting, participants made plans for the visual refresh of Hardy Heron, the next major release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.”

I agree it’s time for a change, or a least a refresh, in order to prevent the current artwork from becoming stale and uninteresting. Maybe it’s time to step away from the Clearlooks engine, too?

“The Ubuntu development community will likely select an existing theme engine on which to base Hardy’s visual style. The two options that were discussed during the meeting were Clearlooks and Murrine.

The Murrine theme engine is much more sophisticated and offers a wide range of nice features, such as glassy gradients and striped scrollbars. The meeting participants also discussed the potential for creating a GTK theme that leverages compositing capabilities.”

( Murrine is an Italian word meaning the glass artworks done by Venicians glass blowers. Murrine Engine is a Gtk2 engine that will make your desktop look like a beautiful Murrina (which is the italian singular of Murrine).

According to Murrine’s homepage the engine provides anti-aliased widgets, the Murrine Configurator, good speed of rendering and animated controls (progressbar, radiobuttons & checkbuttons).

“Hardy Heron will be moving away from Ubuntu’s signature brown look in favor of black and orange.

The name of the theme will also probably be changed to reflect the significant deviation from the previous look and feel. The default Ubuntu theme has been called Human for a long time. “Superhuman” is one of the names that was proposed for the new theme.”

Superhuman? Hmz.

Other artwork, like the bootscreen, the login, the icons and other details will also be redone to comply with the new look and feel and color scheme. I’m curious to find out what it’ll look like.


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