New Vista updates coming this week

From the Official Vista blog:

The non-security updates planned for release through Windows Update this week include:

  • An update on system compatibility, reliability and stability: extends the battery life for mobile devices, improves stability of wireless network services, and shortens recovery time after Windows Vista experiences a period of inactivity, among other fixes.
  • An update to USB core components: mainly affects systems returning from sleep or hibernation, fixing problems causing 1-2% of all crashes reported.
  • An update to Windows Media Center: among other things, affects interaction issues occurring between Media Center PC and Microsoft Xbox 360 when Xbox 360 is used as a Media Center Extender.

The only (slightly) interesting one is the one that’ll improve reliability, especially on mobile devices. If only they come up with something that could kill start-up time a little. There’s nothing more enervating than taking seat in front of your PC and having to wait for a lifetime to get all services running. Many of us, of course, get up and prepare a cup of tea in the meantime, but nonetheless, this is one of the points that still improvement.


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