My Home = Free Wi-Fi Spot

My House, Free Wi-Fi

“Fifty-four percent of computer users admit to using someone else’s Wi-Fi without permission, according to a new survey by security firm Sophos”

Well, duh, any sane person would abuse the stupidity of your next-door neighbor, right? It’s their own responsibility to secure their own freakin’ Wi-Fi-connection. It’s not even that hard! WPA, someone. Anyone? And what about RTFM?

“Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, said borrowing Wi-Fi Internet access may feel like a victimless crime but it deprives ISPs of revenue.”

Like ISPs aren’t earning enough money on our backs already?! The only thing I would advise you unknowing Wi-Fi-owners is to be concerned about conserving your privacy and not letting anyone use the internet access you paid for. You wouldn’t just let anyone use your electricity for the heck of it, would you? Didn’t think so either.

“which carried out the 560-person survey”

A survey on 560 people doesn’t feel like a very representative one, to me. Did they stand in the market place asking passers-by whether they used their neighbors’ Wi-Fi, or what?

This issue is clear as crystal, to me: if you pay for something for you, then make sure it remains yours and protect it. Read your manual. Setting up WPA is a 5-minute procedure and makes a heck of a difference. Even if you don’t really care about security, you could set it up just to screw your slimy neighbor over.


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