High Definition DVD Is Failing

While sifting through some news articles on the format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, I came across an interesting article written by Clint DeBoer over at Audioholics.com. Admittedly, it’s a slightly older piece (and perhaps a bit biased), but still very current. Clint portrays his 10 reasons for the failure of HD media. In a nutshell:

  • HD-DVD made a false start by only providing 720/1080i instead of 1080p.
  • It’s the movies that sell the players, not the other way around. It was like this with game consoles as well.
  • When you look at it, High Definition isn’t such a technological advance, like VHS, CD and DVD were.
  • The PS3 failed to jump start the HD indrustry because PS3 will always remain to be a gaming-platform, no matter what.
  • The average Joe just doesn’t care how high the resolution is on the disc he’s watching, let alone pay double for something he doesn’t even notice (so to speak).
  • Technology enthusiasts used to drive stuff like this, but even they have become more precarious due to the numerous flops of the past.
  • Who knows, IPTV might catch on because of the content that’s driving it. It turns out people don’t really mind watching their video podcasts on an HD screen, since it’s the content they’re interested in, not the format.

Article at Audioholics.

As it’s been proven in the past, convenience always wins the hearts of consumers (and money pouches), not the high-standing tech. There are no two ways about it.


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