Vista Trick: Multiple Selects with Checkboxes

You can select multiple files and folders in different ways. Dragging a box around them with your mouse is one of them. Selecting one and using the arrow keys in conjunction with SHIFT is another. Clicking and dragging with a touchpad hasn’t proven handy and needs some precise fingerwork. There’s a way to make it easier if you’re stuck with a trackpad or just prefer handy clickitry.

Windows Vista has the option to make selections using checkboxes familiar from webpages alike. This feature isn’t enabled by default, but is reachable in just 2 steps. Here’s how to:

  • Open an Explorer Window, it doesn’t matter which, and click through
    Organize > Folder and Search Options
  • Click the View-tab and look for
    ‘Use check boxes to select items’
  • That’s it!

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