Great Black Icons: NX10 by MazeNL77 [Free]

Web design and icons naturally go together, whether it’s to merely spruce up the scenery or to accentuate important link elements on a page, there are no two ways about it. Some glossy or matte professional looking icons can really add that extra level of finesse to any design. The word ‘professional’ doesn’t always need to imply costliness, though.

Many talented graphics artists alike are producing sleek icons without wanting a dime back for them. All you need to do is use them gracefully and give the creator some well-deserved credit.


NX06 is a slightly older set of Windows icons which could nicely do for web design as well. It’s prominently black and would perfectly fit designs that feature a lot of blacks or grays. It was inspired by Longhorn (Windows Vista’s codename) and OS X.

PNG format, size 192*192 px.

This artist has not published usage guidelines for this work. Use respectfully and give credit to the rightful owner of the work.


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