Free File: Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager

Vista/XP VDM is a virtual desktop manager by  Codeplex that reminds you of its Linux or Mac [built-in] counterparts. It allows for the organization of currently active windows. Just move them to either one of the workspaces by pressing the Windows Key + Number on the keyboard. Navigating between desktops is easy thanks to the Windows Key + Arrow keystrokes. Also, a mouse-based navigation is available by clicking on the tray icon. Striking Windows Key + F9 initiates a [Mac] Exposé-like overview.

Being the control-freak I am, I largely prefer to have things organized and easily accessible while working or browsing the web. Admittedly, the [integrated] Linux-version of the virtual desktop concept (which has been around for many, many years) is way more attractive and proven. But its basic feature-set is all you need, really. It could do with some further refinements, but on the whole, it’s already a pretty neat solution to a much needed (though niche/power-user) feature in Windows.

I’ve tried numerous other solutions, including Microsoft’s own Virtual Desktop PowerToy (only for Windows XP — available here), though I like this project best, mainly because of its potential evolution.

Vista/XP VDM

The latest version of this app is 0.7RC, which clearly indicates it’s still heavily in development. Nonetheless, it’s stable with a few minor glitches. Its feature set is limited, but look at it as simplicity, not lacking :-). And heck, it’s free, too.

P.S.: Naturally, the hotkeys and number of virtual desktops are configurable.

A recommended download for the perseverant multi-tasker :-).


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