Toshiba to retreat from HD-DVD

HD DVD LogoReuters reports that Toshiba, one of the main backers of the HD-DVD technology, is planning to pull the plug on HD-DVD for good. An anonymous source stated this and also noted that an official announcement could arrive as soon as next week. HD-DVD received it’s first major blow last month, when Warner Bros announced it would seize it’s exclusivity contract and go all-Blu-Ray. HD-DVD’s market share shrunk exorbitantly within days.

On the retail-side, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Netflix recently joined forces with the Blu-Ray camp, too. This totally annihilated Toshiba’s aggressive price cuts on its players. Microsoft also hinted that it was considering on loosening its exclusivity by contemplating Blu-Ray support on its XBOX 360 game console.

While huge losses are apparent, Toshiba insists they’ve learned valuable lessons from the format war that lasted several years and confused consumers greatly along the road.

It’s time to embrace Blu-Ray, until next greatest thing pops up, which could be lurking around the corner as soon as next year. It’s a fast-paced world.

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