The Ballad of 'Oklahomo' Rep. Sally Kern

image In an earlier post, I put up Sally Kern’s secret speech in which she bashed homosexuality high and low, describing it as a spreading disease, a death knell to her country. It caused a lot of uproar across the world and net, even on this website. I’m glad I was able to help and get the word out.

At the bottom of this post: a related video in which Sally Kern debates the world’s reaction to her [wretched] speech (Sally Kern on KFOR’s Flashpoint).
+ “Sally Kern Apologized Today” (humorous).

Related to this, the “Ballad of Sally Kern”, a poem (credits to Digital Cuttlefish), and a rather striking one at that (transcript below):


[musical interlude]

A legislator, Sally Kern,
Was simply voicing her concern,
But Sally Kern was unaware,
Or if she knew, she did not care,
That someone had a microphone,
So Sally Kern was not alone.

Oh, I’m not anti-gay, said Sally,
To the fifty-person rally,
But there are things you have to learn,
And who will teach us?
Sally Kern.

Sally Kern, she knows the answer,
Knows how gays are like a cancer,
Knows they’re worse than terrorists,
If Sally Kern can keep the lists.

So Sally Kern must raise her voice,
Against unhealthy lifestyle-choice,
The cost of life against God’s word,
Is clear, that people gathered, heard,
Disease and death and then you burn,
In HELL, or say Sally Kern.

Then Sally Kern,
In pure effrontery tells us gays will harm her country,
If we embrace these sinful ways, says Sally Kern,
Allowing gays to join the city council ranks,
Or work in schools, or stores or banks,
Our country would be tempting fate,
And all too soon, would be too late.

Now, such a stance may seem too stern,
But heed the words of Sally Kern,
If we let gays live right among us,
Soon, like mold or creeping fungus,
Even straights will be infected,
Sally Kern wants us protected.

The path to safety is God’s grace,
We must protect the human race,
Sally Kern just wants us pure.

Ein volk, ein reich, ein Führer…

[excerpt from Hitler’s notorious speech]


Related Video

Sally Kern on KFOR’s Flashpoint. Miss ‘Oklahomo’, as expected, denies she ever compared homosexuality to cancer, etc. She refers to homosexuals as “you guys” a multitude of times. Go figure.

Sally Kern Apologized Today (humorous): Nah, she didn’t apologize, but this is what it’d sound like:


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