Stop the Apple iCraze

The Apple craze was ignited once more since the launch of the iPhone 3G. People waiting in line to spend money, while signing ludicrously expensive carrier contracts, makes me wonder if all this folly is justifiable, sometimes. While 3G and GPS may be interesting enough, the revelation of the iPhone as a platform turns out to be the true point of excitement.

As expected, the usual craze started after the latest installment of the Apple iPhone was officially launched. Immense queues started lining up in front of Apple Stores while people went berserk to get their hands on this piece of gadgetry. One may wonder: “Is it all worth it?”. Since I don’t own an iPhone 3G, I’ll leave the review up to the pros, whom are spread thickly over the net. This Google search should get you going in case you’re the type to research a big investment as such before you buy.


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