Tech Headline Watch 8/15

Take a look at the Apple iMac throughout its 10-year lasting history. makes an attempt at streamlining iPhone App discovery. And Microsoft will be talking about Windows 7 in-depth for the first time, at PDC & WinHEC.

Gallery: 10 Years of Cuddly, Friendly iMacs

( A photo gallery overview of Apple’s history with its innovative iMac. Read story.

GotApps Brings Alerts to Apple’s App Store

image( GotApps, a simple site that launched earlier this week, is offering users an alert system for the App Store that hopes to streamline the application discovery process. Instead of manually searching, users can enter a number of keywords […]. Read story.

Microsoft PDC, WinHEC will be Windows 7 Coming-Out Parties

( Microsoft will give developers their first in-depth look at Windows 7 at PDC and WinHEC, beginning in late October. Read story.


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