Google Chrome: The Good

Google Chrome Logo I’ve been a Firefox-user ever since it was still in pre-1.0 beta and still called Phoenix. I was a frustrated switcher coming from the much lamented Microsoft-based browser Internet Explorer and absolutely loved what Firefox stood for — simplicity and speed. Those were the key characteristics I held on to during the years to follow. Firefox 1.5 was awesome and Firefox 2.0 was a natural evolution but brought along its own set of frustrations, like general instability, severe memory leakage. The ability to spruce up your browser any way you wished with help of some add-ons was extra nice, but added more and more complexity to the pretty basic utility a browser actually is. Firefox 3.0 is a huge improvement over the lackluster 2.0 incarnation, but still…

Just weeks after Google announced its entrance to the web browser space, it launches the much anticipated Chrome browser. Ever since it’s arrival it’s been all over the tech news, and has generally been well received, despite it being extremely stripped-down. And in my opinion, it’s tight user interface is one it’s biggest changes to survive and become the preferred browser amongst the tech-savvy. Of course, I might be wrong, yet I’ve moved Firefox aside and made Chrome my main browser.

ArsTechnica has a great hands-on review on the Google Chrome browser if you’re interesting to know all there is to know about it in detail. For now, Google Chrome is Windows-only, with Mac and Linux version coming down the pike soon.


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