‘Direct Folders’ Makes Accessing Deeply Nested Folders a Breeze [Free]

Direct Folders MenuIf you’re like me and prefer to keep files and folders on your hard drive in an organized mess (i.e. a strict hierarchical structure) it may become a severe pain to access deeply buried locations. The golden rule in organization advises not to let folders become nested beyond eight levels, which may seem like a lot at first, but readily becomes trivial as hard-drives and data continue to grow beyond proportion.

Double-click & Go-To

ExplorerWindowTo remedy this, Code Sector has developed a small and free app called ‘Direct Folders’. After installation, you can double-click on an empty space in any Explorer-window (that includes the Desktop) and a list with saved folder locations will appear. This list looks like a regular right-click context-menu and is configurable in any way you prefer. Direct Folders will keep a list of your recently explored locations, which are accessible from the ‘Recent’ window.

Looking up locations in the ‘Open File’-dialog gets easier too, since you can take advantage of Direct Folder there as well.


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