Windows 7 Incompatibility List

[Latest Update: February 3rd, 2009]

I finally made the leap and installed Windows 7 Beta on my current production machine. While the experience has been generally flawless (on MS’ side), I’ve already encountered some incompatibilities. These are most probably caused by the applications’ vendors, not Microsoft, but they inconvenience nonetheless.

Beware of the following applications’ difficulties prior to installing Windows 7 Beta for production use.

This list will be updated regularly to reflect my findings as I use Windows 7 Beta from day to day. I’ll also try to resolve any issues I come across, if at all possible.

Incompatible on vendor-side:

  • Daemon Tools Lite
    Can’t get past STPD-installation, alternative like SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive work

Random crashes (annoying, but livable)

  • Latest Java Runtime
    Instability. Java can be brought back to life easily, though.
  • Windows Live Essentials: Writer
    Writing works fine, but Writer locks up after requesting existing posts from the server (tested with hosted WordPress blog). Doesn’t happen every time.

Applications crying wolf:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
    Probably does version checking but installs just fine
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
    Ditto Dreamweaver


2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Incompatibility List

  1. Gateway Laptop Model: NV5421UI have observed an incompatibility issue with Windows 7 Home Premium (32 & 64 Bit) and the TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS=L633B ATA Device. The system works properly with the original system configuration (i.e. Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit), it also works properly when doing an original system recovery, using the disks, to factory default. However, when the system is upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, both the 32 & 64 Bit version, the device becomes extremely unreliable and often disconnects from the system (i.e. it is not visible in both the device manager and in the My Computer window).I wrote to Gateway but have not gotten any feedback regarding same.

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