Windows 7: How Libraries Work

Game Changer?

How much does this feature contribute to being a significant improvement over:

  • Windows XP [rating:4]
  • Windows Vista [rating:3.25]

What are Libraries?

‘Libraries’ is a new feature in the sense that it’s heavily exposed for the first time in Windows 7. A library is a virtual location within Windows that aggregates files and folders from different physical locations from all over your hard drive (and other media, potentially even online resources). Using this feature, you could combine related data to one logical spot without having to cut and paste them into a real directory. Using this slightly advanced, but very useful technology you could for instance:

  • Put all your work-documents in one place, even if they’re scattered across multiple locations
  • Gather photos related to a single event, no matter where they’re saved.
  • Etc.

Changes made to included files and folders are instantaneously propagated to their libraries, showing up-to-date information across the board.


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