Free App/Win: Advanced window management with MaxTo

As screen sizes/resolutions continue to grow, more and more web users have stopped browsing the web in fullscreen mode. Since a lot of websites are designed in a fixed-sized fashion, they usually create humongous white space on either side of a site’s content pane. This is especially so at screen resolutions of 1680*1050 px and up.

Maxto Illustration

Windows Vista has a just a few¬† measures in place to order your windows in such a way that you can take advantage of your screen real-estate optimally. These measures are limited to stacking windows next to each other vertically and horizontally. With some manual juggling you can get the windows just right, but you’re bound to continually repeat yourself many a time since Windows doesn’t generally do a good job of remembering window positions (yes, even if you use the shift-click-close trick).

MaxTo is a free Windows app that has a more elegant take on efficient window management. This lightweight [free] piece of software provides a straightforward UI in which you can define so called “regions”. After having defined these, just place a window approximately within a region and hit the maximize-button. The window or dialog will maximize right up to the limits of the predefined region. This simple but ingenious concept will undoubtedly inspire a flurry of optimal workflows for your Windows PC. And if you do prefer a window to span the whole screen occasionally, just press and hold the shift key while maximizing a window.


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