Free Icons: Function Icon Set [Webdesign]

The free ‘Function Icon Set’ from features 128 icons in pleasingly neutral color schemes. They aren’t awfully big – at generally 48 x 48 pixels – but certainly large enough for web design work.

When designing websites, it’s often necessary to gussy things up with icons. Though they have a big aesthetic appeal, they often also make the design more user-friendly by clarifying certain design elements. Icons aren’t to be underestimated in importance. Some good old icon eye-candy can work miracles in spicing up your websites’ designs.

Function Icon Set: Preview

Because I’m not much of a graphical artist I usually rely on the creative minds of the pros for most of my design stuff. Since the main colors I’m dealing with are matte blues and grays, my upcoming design requires a neutral set of graphics. After some googling, I quickly came across the free ‘Function Icon Set‘ which will fulfill my requirements rather marvelously. Thanks to the great icon artist(s) over at wefunction.


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