Firefox Addon Tip: Easy Drag-to-Go

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Easy Drag-to-Go is a Firefox plug-in that will decidedly make you more productive by implementing mouse gestures when handling hyperlinks and text on web pages.

  • Find this add-on here [Free].

Web browsing, to me – and I gather this goes for many people nowadays – has become something of a second nature. Not a day goes by without me surfing the web for something or other. It has just become a part of my life [style].

Everyone has different habits when it comes to the use of a computer, but generally – as I see it – there are two types of people. Firstly, there are keyboard-people who try to accomplish as much as they can using solely the keyboard by taking advantage of the multitude of keyboard shortcuts most operating systems and applications carry with them.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are mouse-people, who evidently accomplish most of their work by virtue of the mouse. I assume this group of people is far greater in size since it was the one that ignited the whole GUI-movement in software interfaces.

Web browsers are applications that require a hybrid interaction style, though, combining extensive keyboard use with mouse movements and clicks. While surfing the web, I personally like to keep one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse. This way I can easily open new tabs using the various keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+T, Cmd+T) and move between tabs quickly (CTRL-TAB).

A big part of my web routine involves open links, obviously, and I prefer opening links in new tabs. This usually requires me to hold down the CTRL or CMD button while clicking a link (Windows-based browsers often allow the middle-mouse-click to achieve the same effect). While this is behavior I can easily get used to, I found a great Firefox Addon that handles all of my link opening and text searching by use of mouse gestures, which have increased my productivity exponentially.

‘Gesturing’ your way through

Easy Drag-to-Go is not your usual mouse gesture-enabling add-on. While traditional
gestures usually employ the right mouse-button to open new tabs, to go to the next/previous
tab and to close the current tab, Easy Drag-to-Go has a different take on gestures. Here’s how it works by default:

Opening links

To open a new tab you can simply do the following:

  • Drag a link up to open the link in a new foreground tab
  • Drag a link down to open the link in a new background tab

This dismisses the need to hold down a keyboard button to insure that a link opens in a new tab, and, you have to the choice to open something in the background in case you decide you want to deal with something later on.


Saw a word on a page you’d like to Google Search (or Bing Search!)? No need to retype it or copy-paste it into that search box! Just go ahead and select it. Once it’s selected:

  • Drag the selected text up to search in a new foreground tab
  • Drag the selected text down to search in a new background tab

This functionality is especially handy when researching stuff for your blog (or anything else).

Images: You can also assign the add-on to save dragged images to a default location on your hard drive.



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