Windows 7 cheap in UK, Chrome Bookmark Sync, HDMI 1.4 and more

This is the first entry of what I’m hoping will become a new section here at Ace on Tech. Tech news is a hard thing to grasp, because it’s so crowded and comes at you from all directions. I have decided to write aggregate posts on a regular basis. I obviously cannot deliver to-the-minute technology news because of obvious reasons. Firstly, because I simply don’t have the time and interest and secondly because there are many sites out there way more adept than I could possibly live up to. Sites like, and are good places to start.

These posts serve as catch-ups for those who don’t monitor the wire 24/7. Also, be aware that the entries I will highlight here are biased toward my own interest and don’t represent the general tech news of a particular day.

Note that these posts will be published regularly, but not every day. I won’t be doing these on week-ends either, though I may consider doing a weekend round-up. Let’s see where this goes.

Here’s a high level rundown, click the hashes to jump to its excerpt and source:

  • Windows 7 to sell in UK for half the US price #
  • Google adds Bookmark Sync to Chome #
  • XP users enthusiastic about Windows 7 #
  • 10 things you need to know about HDMI 1.4 #
  • Sony delays big-screen OLED TV #

Windows 7 to sell in UK half of US price

Windows 7 LogoTraditionally, it seems the UK has always been stricken by Microsoft enforcing steep pricing, especially when compared to the United States. For the first time, Windows will be sold at a lower price than in the States. Half the price to be exact. The version we’re talking about is Windows 7 Home Premium FULL, not upgrade. It will be sold for as little as 65 GBP, which is less than Americans need to pay for the UPGRADE version. It’s half the price of the US full edition. Even more interestingly, Amazon UK has stated it will be sustaining these prices “indefinitely”.
Source at CNET UK.

August 18, 2009: The day Google added Bookmark Sync to Chrome

I literally saw dozens of news sites and blogs report on this. Okay, Chrome will support native bookmark sync , but what’s the big deal? Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari have had it for ages [through XMarks]. Nonetheless, folks seem to think this is a big story, so that’s why it’s here. Let me recap: “Google is getting bookmark sync!”. Chrome is a still a feature-impaired browser – with or without bookmark sync.

XP users enthusiastic about Windows 7

Windows 7 Enthusiasm ChartPC World and Technologizer conducted a survey on the amount of enthusiasm about Windows 7 with 5000 Windows XP users. Results show that 70% of those surveyed rate their enthusiasm for the upcoming release of Windows 7 as “high”. This stands in stark contrast to their ratings to Vista, which they graded overwhelmingly as “somewhat negative” to “very negative”. Source at

10 things you need to know about HDMI 1.4

With the new HDMI-cable standard comes new features. And the impact of the features HDMI 1.4 will offer is pretty profound. Consequentially, 1.4 will be incompatible with prior TV models and boxes. A full upgrade will thus be required to take advantage of HDMI 1.4.
It offers:

  • Integrated 100 Mbps Ethernet channel
  • Dual Stream 1080p 3D support
  • Support for Ultra HD resolutions up to 4K x 2K (effectively 4096 x 2160 pixels)
  • Other, less interesting stuff can be found at the source.

HDMI 1.4 will be available in the marketplace by 2010. Perhaps you may want to hold off on that nearing HDTV purchase. Source at

Sony delays big-screen OLED TV

Sony XEL-1Sony will not be manufacturing bigger OLED TVs in the foreseeable future. Sony currently maintains the only OLED TV on the market. It’s the XEL-1 at only 11 inches big and a price point of $2000 US. Rather pricey for a such a small screen, but word has it that the picture quality is above anything else you’ve seen before.  Sony is probably focusing on its core – albeit less innovative – business, until the recession is over. Source at


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