Easy code merging with WinMerge

A couple of days ago I ran into an annoying scenario: the merging of two source files which reside in two different SVN repositories. TortoiseSVN, my favorite SVN client on Windows has the clout to tackle this task with its built-in diff editor, except that it doesn’t work for files in different repositories (or non-versioned files). A quick Google search brought me to the open-source WinMerge.

WinMerge offers a user-friendly and extremely interface, offering many features like:

  • Folder compare
  • File compare (differences within lines, moved-lines detection, etc.)
  • Version control features (conflict resolving, patch file generation, etc.)
  • Integration with TortoiseSVN, Visual SourceSafe, etc.
  • Shell integration

Download WinMerge.

This is certainly a tool to try if you’re stuck merging files with the default merging tool or just can’t get stuff merged somehow.


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