How to make Command Prompt maximize properly

UPDATE: Console2 + PowerShell: A Better Windows Command Prompt

Command Prompt (or Windows Powershell) is one of those things you only appreciate after spending some time with command-line tools like Mercurial or Maven. Command prompt is a true utilitarian application with very few bells and whistles, and due its basic nature it has few problems to complain about.

Except for it not ever wanting to maximize all the way! Drives me nuts, really. Turns out there’s a solution that involves changing text buffer sizes:

To open this Properties dialog:

  1. Open a Command Prompt or Windows Powershell and right click the title bar and select Properties.
  2. In the Layout tab you’ll see a section called Screen Buffer Size, the width field is usually the culprit.

To make the command prompt window fit snugly when maximized, you need to change the width of the screen buffer to be equal to one eighth of your screen resolution. In my case that resolves to 1280 / 8 = 160.

Click OK. Low and behold, the maximize button finally behaves.

Now if only there was a way to make the Mac’s green orb button do the same.. But that’s another matter entirely.

Note: Powershell is really the way to go and should be used in lieu of Command Prompt, in my opinion. It still puzzles me why Microsoft hasn’t replaced Command Prompt with PS.


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