First Windows Phone Update Successful

“Stories have steadily been trickeling in on the roll-out of Microsoft’s first update to Windows Phone, released yesterday. It has caused a (slight) number of Samsung phones to become unusable (“bricked”). Samsung Omnia 7 running certain firmware versions (reportedly JI9 and JJ4) and the Samsung Focus (unconfirmed) have been reported to be affected by this issue.

I own a Samsung Omnia 7 myself and have just completed the update successfully. Lucky me :-). The contents of the update, however, are all but exciting, as it is NOT the expected January update (dubbed “NoDo”, a pitiful stab at Android’s “FroYo”), but rather a preparation update of sorts. Its sole purpose is to prep your phone for future updates by enabling the backup functionality. Uninteresting at most, but an indication that Microsoft is at least doing “something”.

The 7 other Windows Phone users and I have been quite let down by Microsoft in recent weeks because of the lack of communication surrounding the promised updates to this nascent platform. The January update has been confirmed to be slated for the beginning of March 2011.. Go figure huh. Nonetheless, I’ll be happy to receive any update, as the Windows Phone platform is quite solid, yet severely lacking in certain areas. Although I do realize we’re in 1.0-days, I still believe Microsoft needs to get those updates out there, fast.

WP7 is okay in its current state, but it’s just a start. We’ll need rapid-fire updates to reach parity with Apple and Google. For now, it seems Microsoft isn’t capable of delivering what it promised, which is a shame. I keep hoping though!


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