Disable Password After Sleep in Ubuntu 11.04

With the default account settings, Ubuntu 11.04 requires the user to enter a password when the system comes out of sleep or screensaver mode. The latter setting is easily disabled by navigating to System Settings > Screensaver and unchecking the box Lock screen when screensaver is active.

Disabling the password prompt after sleep (suspend) is not clearly surfaced in the settings pane, however. It can easily be disabled by use of gconf-editor. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open a Terminal and enter gconf-editor
  2. In gconf-editor (Configuration Editor), drill down the directory tree on the left: / > desktop > gnome > lockdown 
  3. Uncheck the box with label disable_lock_screen

That’s it. I wonder why this setting wasn’t exposed in the regular settings UI. It’s a potential security/privacy issue, but a valid option to set in case your computer is in a safe environment with no risk of being accessed maliciously when left alone.

Note: Using the disable_lock_screen option will also grey out the checkbox in the Screensaver settings dialog.


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