From Google Reader to the Feedly Cloud: Summary of the last 100 days

With Google Reader closing soon, Feedly steps up to the challenge by enabling a one-click migration feature (and lots more). Gj Feedly.


Windows2Mac: Intro

Being a Windows-only user for many years, I decided to go for a Mac when planning out which computer to buy to replace the living room PC. I chose the iMac for its aesthetics more than anything else, but I was also genuinely interested in Mac OS X and its BSD underpinnings. But don’t be fooled, the sheer elegance of Apple hardware is what cajoled me into the Mac-platform. And here I am, with a pretty iMac sitting happily on my desk.

I’ll be writing about this subject in a (continually updated) series:

  • Part 1: A Bird’s Eye View of Mac OS X
  • Part 2: Getting AirPort Extreme Working
  • Part 3: Windows & Mac Interoperability
  • Part 4: Windows File Sharing
  • Various How To Articles

To crack 17-character AES password: 100 years and 1 billion dollars

In my previous ‘Free File’ article, I briefly reviewed the open-source compression-utility 7-Zip. Like most other archiving tools, 7-Zip is also capable of encrypting your files. To do this, it utilizes industry standard AES-256 encryption (a.k.a. Rijn Dael) and recommends a password strength of 10 characters or more. The Help-function in 7-Zip has a nice illustration of what it would take to crack a secure AES password.

To accomplish this, one would need:

  • cesspools of time
  • a processor capable of checking 10 passwords per second 
  • to check 10 billion passwords per second, a budget of at least 1 billion dollars

To illustrate the importance of adequate password length, here’s a comparative table:

Password Length Single User Attack Organization Attack
1 2 s 1 s
2 1 min 1 s
3 30 min 1 s
4 12 hours 1 s
5 14 days 1 s
6 1 year 1 s
7 10 years 1 s
8 19 years 20 s
9 26 years 9 min
10 37 years 4 hours
11 46 years 4 days
12 55 years 4 months
14 64 years 4 years
15 82 years 22 years
16 91 years 31 years
17 100 years 40 years

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