Direct link to Audible Windows Phone App for non-US users

UPDATE 06/25: Looks like the Audible app is showing up in more and more non-US markets.

UPDATE 06/22 @ 4.40 pm CEST: It seems the direct link isn’t working for UK users for the time being. From what I know it does work from Belgium. Anywhere else?

YES! It’s finally here, with great fanfare – the Windows Phone Audible app. BUT, it’s not showing up in certain non-US WP Marketplaces, and the link the Windows Blog is providing doesn’t seem to be working.. Fortunately, Audible has e-mailed some of its customers a direct link into the Windows Phone Marketplace (on the phone) that does work (just be sure to open it from your phone):

Been waiting for this for 2 years. The Windows Phone platform is now complete.


Which custom DNS to set on for Godaddy hosted/forwarded mail

I moved my blog to with a custom domain, which means WordPress now manages the DNS. However, my mail forwarding service is still coming from Godaddy. To make this work, I had to add custom DNS records to point to Godaddy’s mail servers, like so:

MX 10
MX 0

Don’t forget the period at the end of each line.

Audible App for Windows Phone due in 2 weeks?

UPDATE 05/12
We’re now almost two weeks later, and still no love from! Latest unconfirmed reports state Audible might keep us hanging for another 1-3 months (see Like most other Audible members, I’m extremely patient and loyal toward this company, but um, seriously… I wonder what’s taking them so damn long.

Seriously doubting the Windows Phone platform now, Audible is a key app for me.


In my search for more information on the nascent release of the Audible App for the Windows Phone platform, I stumbled upon the following response from an official Audible rep, posted on WPCentral’s forums, stating that the release might be due in 2 weeks:

Dear Audible Listener,

Thank you for contacting Audible!

I understand you would like to know when the Audible Audible for Windows Phone will be released. I would be happy to assist.

After receiving numerous requests from Windows Phone users, we are excited to say that an application is actively being developed. While we cannot yet comment on its exact release date but it should be available for download within 2 weeks, we are confident you will love being able to use Audible with Windows Phone. When the application is complete, we will be announcing it on our website, newsletter, and social media channels.

Thanks for your interest in using Audible with Windows Phone. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a wonderful day!

Sade F

Audible Customer Support

Thank you for your inquiry. As a valued customer, your experience is important to us. We invite you to answer the question below regarding your Customer Care experience.

Your feedback will help us better serve your future needs.

I’ll be happy to ditch my iPod Nano for the Windows Phone app. This release is long overdue, just get it out already..

How to find and delete duplicate files in Ubuntu/Linux

Massively duplicated files are oftentimes a problem with music and movie collections. Because hunting for dupes by hand is definitely not the way to go, you may want to look to command-line tools like fdupes for help.

fdupes is available via apt-get in Ubuntu, so install it first:

sudo apt-get install fdupes

This is the basic syntax for looking up duplicated files:

fdupes -r [target-directory]

How to delete all duplicates and generate a report at the same time:

fdupes -rdN [target-directory] > textfile.txt

A quick overview of what the options mean:

  • -r recursive, traverse subdirectories
  • -d delete, delete duplicates
  • -N keep the first file, remove other (duplicate) files

Needless to say: use this with caution! Files will be deleted forever.

Find more information on fdupes here (UbuntuGeek).

How to install JungleDisk on Ubuntu 11.10

Had trouble installing JungleDisk (‘junglediskdesktop’) on Ubuntu again. This time it’s version 11.10. Mike Jennings from has a complete guide on how to get linked correctly and make the tray icon appear. The latter part in particular was of interest to me:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist “[‘all’]”

Find his post here.

Thanks Mike!

How to eject your Kindle (so it keeps charging) in Linux

Ejecting your Kindle reading device is different from ‘unmounting’ because it allows you to keep using the reader while it charges over USB. In most distros, you’ll need the command-line to achieve this. Here’s how.

First, find out where your device is mounted:

fdisk -l

Then, use the ‘eject’ command

sudo eject /dev/sdb1